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8 Tips for Leftover Watermelon

· What to do with the watermelon you can't eat fast enough. ·

August 3, 2016 0 Comments


8 Tips On How to Use

 Leftover Watermelon

So it’s that time of year again where we overload on fresh produce and enjoy watermelon as much as possible.  This past weekend, however, at a girls get together there were 3 watermelons to go through, far too much for what we could enjoy so here are some tips on what you can do with your abundance of leftover  watermelon before it goes bad.

1. Juice     smoothie-833470

Plain and simple scoop out or cut off the rind and cut the watermelon into pieces and throw in a blender and blend.  You can add in some lime juice too if you wanted to give it a bit of a kick.  If you want the healthiest part of the melon don’t strain the pulp, but if you don’t like the pulp, strain it out with a fine mesh strainer.

2. Fruit leather


Take the pulp that you just strained out of your juice from about 8-10 cups of watermelon and pour it on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet, put in the oven at 170′ F  for 6-8 hours.  You can also sweeten it if you choose with sweetener of your choice.  Let cool, cut into shapes, strips, and enjoy a healthy snack.

3. Infused waterIMG_8536

So you know how much I love infused water, you can freeze the juice into ice cubes too if you wanted throw in some water and enjoy.  Or if you don’t have time to freeze it.  Cut it up, place in a jug, glass or infuser and add some cold water and ice cubes and enjoy a refreshing, healthy drink.  (For a little fun, add a bit of vodka or rum and double enjoy it)

4. Popsicle/ice cubesIMG_8361IMG_5386

After you have blended it add it to some popsicle moulds (or ice cubes) and make some healthy popsicles you don’t feel guilty about giving to your kids.  You can leave it as is, or add some other ingredients like yogourt, lime or lemon juice (or any fruit juice for that mater), cut up fruit, etc.

5. Greek Salad

This one might be one of my favourites, chop up some tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, lettuce and watermelon, throw in some olives, feta cheese and greek salad dressing. And YUM. One of my favourite summer salads. (stay tuned for my favourite recipe for greek salad dressing)

 6. Watermelon Gazpacho


This is so yummy, so healthy, and above all so healthy.  Stayed tuned for a full recipe.  But basically you take watermelon, tomatoes (or canned), onion, celery, carrots, salt and pepper in a blender, blend, chill and serve as a cold soup. SOOO yummy, refreshing, healthy.

7.  Watermelon Skewerswatermelon-750784

So maybe this doesn’t use up a ton of watermelon but a great and fun way to serve it.  On a skewer with cheese. sigh, my mouth just watered thinking about it.

8. SangriaSummertime Sangria

Last but not least. One of my favourite summer alcoholic treats is a sangria.  For this years Teacher’s gift.  I gave a bottle of wine, a pitcher, a small bottle of rum, and a recipe for sangria.  But as the fruit you soak (in rum) you could use watermelon, plus mixing the wine with the watermelon juice.  So yummy.  Just be careful how much you drink.

8 Tips