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9 Tips for Making Your Geocaching Adventure a Success

August 4, 2016 1 Comments

For Making Your

9 Tips for Making Your Geocaching Adventure A Success

So we are halfway through the summer now and some of us are looking for things to do with the kids either during the day, or in the evenings as a family.  However some of our summer budgets may have been blown by now and we are looking for something free but FUN to do with our families.  Geocaching is your answer and here are some tips to make your Geocaching experience amazing.

Geocaching is one of my favourite things to do with our family, but it would be great for couples, young kids, older kids, even birthday parties (for the older kids who have their own smart phone or GPS).  This is great in large cities, small towns and everything in between.

If you don’t know what Geocaching is, it is amazing.  You download the app, or use a GPS and you find “treasures”.  You can follow their GPS coordinates, clues, tips or hints.  You find the “treasure” you write your name down in the book that is there, take a treasure and leave a treasure.  SO MUCH FUN.  The best part? It’s FREE.

1. Technologygps-473888

So this is obvious.  You can’t just wander around your neighbourhood looking for “treasure” you need to have an idea, some clues, some tips on where to go.  So grab your smart phone, or GPS device (you can even rent them from many town’s information centre or town hall), download the app, and away you go.

2. Be prepared – Weather

You wont want to stop your treasure hunt because you didn’t read the forecast on thunderstorms, hail, rain, extreme wind, etc.  So make sure you look to see what the weather is forecasted for and be prepared for it.  Rain coats, hats, boots, sunscreen, shorts, sweaters, etc. 

3. Bring FoodIMG_7050

Again you don’t know how long this will take, and you won’t want to give up (trust me) to get some food.  So bring some snacks, drinks, picnic, picnic blanket, sandwiches, fruit, etc.  Don’t let hungry kids get in your way of having a good time.

4. Bring Treasuresgeocache-398017

What the fun part is, is you actually can take a treasure when you found it.  But make sure that you leave a treasure whenever you take one.  So we go through toy bins, leftover change from foreign vacation, cool little trinkets that you don’t mind saying goodbye to.  We throw them in a bag and the kids pick which treasure they want to take, and which one they want to leave.

5. Extra Suppliesgeocache-398019

Unfortunately some people who do this activity (and even those who stumble upon it) don’t leave everything in the same condition that they found it in.  We have come across some broken boxes, lost pens, books filled up.  So if you wanted to make it better for the person after you bring a couple of waterproof boxes, extra little notepad, ziplock bags to waterproof even more, some extra pencils etc.  Make it better for the people after you.

7.  Use the App

Don’t be afraid to use the app.  Don’t think that if you are using it, you are cheating.  Absolutely not.  Some of them are really REALLY hard to find and you will need all the help you can get.  Most come with some tips to help you out.  Will describe how big it is, high, low, under, over, etc.  Read peoples comments.  As per the previous tip some people don’t return it the way they found it, and move it on you.  So read the comments and people will often write about their experience trying to find it.

8. Bring a BuddyIMG_8204

If this is your first time Geocaching bring someone (or another family) who have done it before who will have some tips and tricks on how to look etc.  Plus you can make it fun, do races, competition, etc.

9. Date NightIMG_8335

This is a great Date Night activity.  You aren’t being zombies in front of a movie, but you aren’t being forced in an awkward dinner situation where you don’t really get to know someone.  To make it more fun, bring another couple(s) and have a competition.  The couple who is the slowest to find them buys the first round of drinks at dinner, etc.