This is me...So for a long time I have been thinking about starting a Blog. I don’t know really what has stopped me, maybe the idea of someone, anyone reading what I have to say or think, the idea of people seeing something of mine, something so personal. I get embarrassed easily, I don’t like being the centre of attention, I don’t like people seeing mistakes of mine, and most of all, I am terrified of being laughed at. I guess the main thing is that I am afraid to fail.  But I need a change in my life, I need to take some risks.  So here I am – in all my glory!

I am a mum of two amazing little preemie miracles. Hayden now 4 years old was born at 29 weeks and had a hard time in the NICU for almost two months. My daughter is almost 3 and she was born at 33 weeks after a very complicated and high risk pregnancy. She only spend just over a couple of weeks in the NICU but it did not make it any easier. They are both my miracle babies, my fighters, my inspiration. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about our time in the hospital and how they fought for their lives, each breath, and fought off infections, and a multitude of other complications (which I will get into in another post).

I am a wife to an amazing husband who works very hard for his family and who is currently going after his dream of becoming a firefighter and he has so much to be proud of (if only he would see how awesome he is). We met just a couple of months before I was flying across the world to live in Australia, 10 years later we have been married for 5 and we have gone through our ups and downs, frustrations, and celebrations. We have survived through two very sick children, time apart, next to no money and so many other obstacles. In the end though, I feel so blessed that he is the person I wake up to and the man that is raising our children along with me.

What I hope to accomplish in this blog is to have a place to write down my experiences, my ideas, my cooking, my artistic ideas, and our ups and downs as your everyday family. I hope you enjoy, I hope you comment and let me know what you want to hear, and I hope you continue following me, my family and our adventures.