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January 12, 2016 3 Comments

recite-ddgl95Why I blog…

So when I started this endeavour of blogging it was more a way for me to communicate, get my thoughts and my ideas sorted.  You see I am a wife of a shift worker working 12 hour shifts an hour away.  Plus, on his days off he is a volunteer firefighter here in our small town.  So to say that he is busy, is an understatement.  But due to his crazy schedule (that I am so proud of him for) that means that I am often by myself, with our two small children.  He hates it just as much as I do…he hates that we only get one day off together as a family a month, he hates that he misses out on things.  But when he IS home though…it’s just awesome.  I am also an elementary teacher who spends her entire day with children, often not even having time to talk to any of the other teachers because I am too busy running around.  And then I come home 90% of the time to my almost three-year-old and four-year-old without any ‘backup’.  So I’m not one to get a lot of adult communication.  Don’t really have time to sit and talk with anyone about what is going on, how I am feeling, and how I deal with everything, nor the freedom to make plans in the evenings or weekends because I don’t have someone at home to watch the kids.  So I resorted to writing things down.  A lot.

Being a ‘single’ parent for so much of the time it means that I have a million thoughts and ideas going through my mind.  It means that I have trouble sorting out what I need to do, and what I need to do RIGHT now.  I try to be a creative person, but with that comes a million projects that I have yet to finish – or, let’s be honest, even start.  But I needed to find something, anything to focus my mind, to make me prioritize what is most important.  What do I NEED to do right now?

I have also needed to start making myself look at what do I WANT to do right now?  How can I do the things I love to do, that I want to do and not compromise my family, my children, my husband, my job, my ever growing list of things I want/need to get done around my house?  How can I …. survive?

After a few too many mental health days taken from work, some “I can’t get out of bed because I’m too overwhelmed with this giant hole I can’t climb out of”, too many tears and wet tissues to count, and too many scared looks from my husband.

I decided I needed something, I needed to sort through it, I need strength, I need focus – I need calm – I need ….. I need to figure my sh!t out!  And this is what I’m hoping to do.

Even if this is to get me accountable for something, to make me finish whatever it is that I started, to help me motivate me to do the millions of things that I love to do.

To paint, to draw, to create, to cook, to test baby and kid products and let you know what I REALLY think about them, to plan, to enjoy life.  This is my mission.  To pass on what little knowledge I have about raising two kids in a small Ontario, Canada town.  What knowledge I have about cooking, and cooking gluten free foods that kids actually like, about DIY things you can do for CHEAP, recipes of my favourite drinks (some with a little extra kick than others).  My parenting tips that I have found or learned along the way, my fails (which are many), what I know DOESN’T work because hell I have made a ton of mistakes and figured out what not to do again.  And I want to share my experiences of being a two-time preemie mum the hardest thing I have ever done, and I was crazy enough to do it twice.

So follow me, if you will, along this crazy ride of mine, enjoy my ramblings, my not so well written blog entries, my rants, my ideas, my recipes and my family life.  I hope you enjoy at least a little something.




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    January 13, 2016

    Emily! This is a beautifully written piece of your soul. Thank you for sharing. Aria and I will come for a visit soon.

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    January 14, 2016

    That is so kind, thank you so much. And we would LOVE a visit!!