Cheap and Easy Kids Artwork Display

Cheap and Easy DIY Kids Artwork Display

· A great, easy, cheap, DIY solution to display your child's artwork ·

May 18, 2016 2 Comments

Cheap and Easy Kids Artwork Display

How to display your kids artwork?

I don’t know about you but between at home crafts and drawings, crafts at school and crafts at daycare I am over run with “works of art” that are to be displayed….forever.  Even if it is a simple squiggly line on a scrap piece of paper, it is their works of art and we are unable to touch it, file it, store it, or throw it out.  They are so unbelievably proud of their art that they have created.  And now we have to find space for all of their lovely work.

So this was my solution and so far it is working great.

For a while I had two “clothes lines” in our kitchen that we could hang up art work, and that worked for a while until I needed the space for our “home hub” and plus I felt like it was much too “messy”.

My solution cost only about 10 dollars for all the supplies. (YAY) This can be moved from the original position to a new location with zero damage to your walls which makes it perfect if you are renter or change your furniture around often.

You will need:

  • 2 (or more) cookie sheets from the dollar store – I got the ones that don’t have the “sides” to make them look prettier
  • Roll of MacTac (same one we used in our kitchen organization) It is a shelf liner that I found at Dollarama but you can get it on Amazon or at Walmart or I’m sure other “hobby” stores.
  • 3M hooks (AH- MAZING) – again you can get these at the dollar store or ANY department or even grocery store
  • 2 dollar store basketsdollar-store-bins-11

I would soak the cookie sheets in Dawn (blue formula) or other degreaser detergent to try to get as much of the coating off them as possible.  Scrub, ruff up, and clean the crap out of them to make sure sticky stuff can actually stick – Yes this will be the only time that you need something to STICK to cookie sheets but go against every ounce in your body that wants to keep them non-stick.

Then carefully unroll the MacTac onto the cookie sheets, use a credit card (or something similar and not so precious) to squeeze out the air bubbles.

IMG_7021Trim off the excess using scissors (or I prefer a craft knife)

Attach the baskets to the wall using the 3-M hooks (two on top and 1-2 under it)

Attach the cookie sheets (I attach the bottom first and then put the hooks on the top of them)IMG_7023 

Either use magnets you already have, buy some from the dollar store or better yet use ones that the kids have made in a craft. (I haven’t gotten that organized yet)


The best part about this method is that the kids can add their own artwork, and they get frustrated when there is no room and now all of a sudden THEY are the ones suggesting that we take them down and “store” them for later.


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