Goodbye old friend

January 27, 2016 0 Comments

A friend…gone too soon

A few days ago there was a shooting, there was a shooting at a remote town in Saskatchewan, Canada.  I had heard of the shooting, but generally I don’t like to hear all the details of such an awful thing so I tuned out.  I was not sure where it was or who had died or any of the other details that I am consumed with now. 

I never thought in my wildest dreams that a victim would be someone that I knew.

The next morning,  I wake up to my Facebook news feed filled with “RIP dear friend”, “you will be missed”, “Gone too soon”.  I couldn’t believe these messages were for an old friend of mine. 

I quickly messaged my family and asked if it was true, if we were SURE that he was one of the victims of this most awful tragedy.  My mother quickly validated that his father had confirmed it on Facebook. 

My heart sank, tears filled my eyes, I woke up my husband to tell him this most awful of news – My old friend, my old best friend died in a school shooting. (I still can’t wrap my head around that one)

Guilt immediately set in – It had been far too long since I talked to this friend.

You see it had been years since we had spoken, and even longer since I called him my best friend.  Too many years had passed, and too much had come between us to mend any broken bonds.  But for a time, he was my best friend, he was a rock, and a pillar of my childhood.  He was there for me when my Poppa passed away, at the funeral, and there for me when our Church minister died (that same week), and there for me during all sorts of crazy times. 

He supported me, cared for me, cheered me up just as a best friend should.  There was never anything more than that, never anything romantic, just true friends.

He had the most wicked sense of humour, and being my older brother’s age he often would tease me endlessly, torture me, and treat me as a little sister.  He would come up with the most craziest of schemes, and would laugh with a wonderful barrel laugh that was so contagious you couldn’t help but join in too. 

His smile, the twinkle he got in his eye, the mischievous look he got as he planned out his next crazy and silly thing to do.  Looking back now, and talking with family and friends about what a great guy he was so many memories flood into my mind, things I have not thought of in what feels like a lifetime. 

He was an active member of two youth groups in our small town, leading and organizing the most epic of events – weekend long capture the flag games, canoe trips and camping, pirate ships at church camps, leading us in songs around the campfire, and an EPIC food fight in the cafeteria when our parents had all gone to bed to only name a few.  He was just as happy to sit on my front porch with friends, relaxing and chilling.  He had a beautiful balance in life, and from what I hear, he continued to into his adult life

Our families went to the same church, my brother was his age, he was an awesome friend, and one I will never forget.

Things happened and stuff got in the way, and we drifted apart.  I kept up to date through friends, Facebook and his personal blog.  But now that he is gone, I so wish he was back, just so I could tell him, that he never left my thoughts, he never left my memories, and he never was forgotten. 

I miss you, dear, sweet, crazy, fun, adventurous, unique, wild, kind, compassionate, silly man.  You are gone far too soon, in a much too horrible of ways.  Thank you for the friendship that we had, thank you for the memories I will keep with me forever, and I’m sorry….I’m just so sorry.

My thoughts and prayers are with his sister, brother, parents and friends during what will be an unimaginable pain and journey. 12417645_10150586726709970_7190934881038891269_n