How an hour and a cup of coffee saved me

A Coffee Break that Felt like Heaven

· Sometimes a momma just needs a coffee break ·

February 26, 2016 2 Comments

How an hour and a cup of coffee saved me

I had a rare opportunity today to have a few minutes to myself at a local coffee shop. To tell you the truth, I honestly just started drinking coffee this year, and let me tell you, it is awesome.  It was a much needed coffee break (and life break).

Our son goes to the same school that I work at about 20 minutes away so my commute is filled with his stories of his day, asking a ton of questions and telling me all sorts of crazy things. And don’t get me wrong, I love it, but sometimes a Mama just needs a minute to herself, to think, to listen to the radio, and to be quiet. So although I completely adore the time with him, I do need a few minutes to myself.

So before we were taking our daughter to her first dance class this evening, my husband was on his day off, so I asked if he could watch the kids for an hour while I went, got myself a coffee, and decompressed a little. And being the amazing husband that he is, he said ‘of course’.  I hadn’t been in this local coffee shop for more than just a quick order 2 summers before, never getting to fully enjoy it’s awesomeness.

You walk in, down a few rustic wooden stairs and into what I think heaven would be like. Comfy couches and chairs, with little tables to rest your drink, or dessert or laptop cover every little nook and cranny in this little basement coffee shop. It was like getting a warm hug, from an old friend you hadn’t seen in a while. And the best part is…they are licensed, and walking distance from my house.

tin cup2They have some lovely lunch type foods, none that I was able to taste in my short hour there, but I heard one woman say that it was the best soup she has had in a long time. My latte was perfect, the light coming in the windows was bright despite the fact that it is in the basement, on a late winters day. The little arm chair was just what I needed after a long week at work, and a particularly draining day as a teacher.tin-cup-caffe

So although I only had a hour before I had to rush back to my busy life of being a mum, I got an hour, one glorious, relaxing, and productive hour. Thank you Tin Cup Caffe, you may be my new best friend.



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