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How We Keep an Organised Kitchen

March 7, 2016 1 Comments

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I don’t know about you, but I am constantly in a struggle to get the clutter out of my house, off of the counters and horizontal surfaces and for them to have a home.  I find that the best way for us to keep an organised kitchen and house is if everything has a home, and I have a place that I can “drop” things.  This has been my solution, and done for less than 20$ at most.IMG_6462

  • First I went to the local hardware store and raided their paint chip department (you will need 14 of either 1 colour, or 2 swatches)    
  • 2 cheap frames from the dollar store
  • a basket of one kind or another – I used a desktop organizer and love it
  • dry erase markers
  • some pretty paper.

First cover the background of the picture frame (the generic picture that comes with it) with pretty paper, wrapping paper, or what I used – Mactac (I got a roll of it from the dollar store)

Then arrange the swatches evenly across your frame (you will need a decent size one, to ensure your ‘dates’ are big enough to write on). – Glue them down.

Put into frame – and done.IMG_6464

I do two of them so I can see the current month, as well as the month ahead.


I covered a cork board (again I got from the dollar store) with the pretty Mactac and hung it up beside the calendars (one for this month and one for next)


Then in the pantry that is beside the “Central Hub” I attached some cork board (again from the dollar store) tiles and that is where I pin up any papers I don’t want to lose.

And I hang a basket on the wall to hold any extra little things that I know are important, mail, cards, letters from school, etc.

I got a couple of cute little pictures and decorations again, from the dollar store.

It’s a great place that I can drop a letter, bill or receipt that I don’t want to lose, hang up our kids artwork so they feel proud, and keep my husbands and now kids schedules organised and visible.  And my favourite part about it?…it was so cheap and easy to make. Yay!!