How a Little SunCan ChangeEverything

A Little Sun Changes Everything

· Sunny days brings an end to the Winter Blues and we may think that Spring is Here ·

May 9, 2016 2 Comments

Spring is Hereand the End of Winter Blues (2)

Am I going to jinx it if I say that spring is here?  Hmmm… nah, Fuck it!  SPRING IS HERE!  And it’s about bloody time. 

I know that I don’t need to go into detail about why spring weather is awesome, maybe the best of all the seasons?  But it is awesome.  For those of you that are lovely followers of mine from across the globe, I’ll explain that I live in a small rural community about an hour north east of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.  We generally have long, nasty, cold, snowy, windy winters.  With very little sun light, much too cold of weather to really even enjoy the winter.

This winter in particular wasn’t actually all that BAD, it just sort of hung on for a really long time.  Lots of rain, slush, freezing rain, grey clouds, and your all around grey days.  By this point in the season I am done.  I have exhausted all my tips and ideas to keep kids entertained while being stuck indoors. 

The kids are tired of the indoor games, and all their toys, we all just want summer to be here. 

And nothing can beat the first really nice day, after weeks of not so nice of days.  Where the weather is warm enough to be outside without a jacket, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and the sun is shining down upon you.

IMG_6906For those of you who live in perpetual sun, part of me feels sorry for you.  Part of me is sad that you will never get excited for the first snow fall, you will never enjoy the beautiful colours in the fall, you will never truly appreciate the warmth of summer, because you know the end is near.  You will certainly not FEEL the shift in peoples mood when they first get to enjoy some warm, outdoor time.

Today was the first day that we could really be outside without a coat and it be ok.  We took a little walk, we played outside, we had a BBQ, enjoyed a run with a friend and not having to bundle up, had a picnic dinner (until the mosquitos chased us inside), the windows were open and the smiles were on.IMG_6900

Every spring I am always in awe on how a little sunshine can change everything.  It can change how you feel, how you act, how you parent, how you cook, everything.  A little bit of sunshine went a long way in how I was feeling.  I mean I still struggle with a lot of stuff, but at least I feel a little bit better while dealing with it all.

My next post I will go through a detailed list on how you can really take advantage of the spring, and some amazing outdoor activities that don’t require a lot (if any money) or a lot of heat (water games etc.) and some of them actually will improve your home and/or yard or outdoor space.

Stay tuned.

How a Little SunCan ChangeEverything