Why I Started RunningAnd How I StuckWith it

Why I Started Running – And Stuck With It

· Going for a run is never something that I thought would be in my vocabulary, but it has been, and it is wonderful ·

June 7, 2016 2 Comments

Why I Started RunningAnd How I StuckWith it

 Why I Started Running

And How I Stuck With It


I never thought that I would be writing the sentence “Why I started running” and I know that running is not for everyone and it was never for me.  In fact whenever I saw people running I would think to myself…they are crazy, they always look like they are in pain, why are they doing this?  

Then my life was shattered and I needed to start making a change (see more here) and one of the changes that I needed to make was my physical well being.  I had hit an all-time high in my weight, and an all time low in my thoughts about myself.  I have never felt so weak or out of shape and all in all I just felt..gross. 

So what am I going to do about it? Going to the gym is not an option, and even if it was I never feel like I ever push myself as far or as hard as I could.  Working out at home also never worked for me because I never felt motivated.  Doing regular classes again doesn’t work because I never had someone to watch the kids for me on a regular basis thanks to a shift working husband.

So what does that leave me with?…running.  I have seen running change the lives of a few of my friends for the better.  They lost weight, got healthier, had more energy, etc.  I thought…”hey I could do this…maybe…I hope…well I can try…”

So with the help of a running friend, we dumped our kids on my husband and we went for a run.  I didn’t do well but it felt good to get out anyway.  And that started it for me.

I have been able to run at least 3 times a week for at least 5km which is HUGE for me.  I am not running the whole time there is a lot of walking, but I am doing more and more running and less and less walking.  I have suffered through shin splints, blisters, and general aches and pains but all in all I haven’t felt better in years.

One of the best things about running (not on a treadmill) is that you can never just stop when you get tired…you always have to run home.  I have figured out a few ‘runs’ that don’t allow me to just turn around and go home, I have to keep going and they are the perfect length.  As I get better, they will get longer and longer.

One of the things that I started doing is having a destination, a goal, a reward.  I would buy something small that can be brought back, a nail polish, a lottery ticket, etc – a little something for me. 

Sometimes running has been awful, I drag my feet doing it, I am in pain for most of it.  But I can already see a difference.  I have lost a few pounds, I feel better, and I’m actually proud of myself for a first time in a long time.

If you are on the fence about starting it, coming from a girl who once thought it was crazy, painful, not fun, and impossible for my body to do – it is amazing.  I love that it isn’t competitive except for against myself, I like that it is flexible and I can do it whenever my schedule allows, I love that I get to actually listen to grown up music, and be able to go through my thoughts almost in a meditative kind of way.

If you aren’t sure, try it, try it alone, with a friend, and keep at it.  It is only the beginning of my journey but I know that it was the right choice, the right change for me and that it has saved me.

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