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· We need to stop every once and a while to enjoy the joys and the wonders that are right in front of us. ·

June 4, 2016 2 Comments

 Stop to Enjoy and Take a Break
I Stopped and Enjoyed the

Wonders Around Me

Dinner was prepped and ready, the sun was shining, laundry (due to an accident at nap time) was on the line, kids were playing nicely together and I had 15 minutes.  I had a choice, vacuum, pick up some toys, do some gardening, do some tidying or to stop and enjoy my children as I lay on our hammock.  Guess which one I chose? IMG_7171

Although every ounce of me knew that I probably should be doing some kind of housework because I had been gone all day.  I made the choice that went against what I normally would do (change is good, right?…right?).  So I chose the hammock – and I’m glad I did.  The kids were amazing, playing nicelyIMG_7173 copytogether (recreating a scene from Paw Patrol on the trampoline).  They solved their own problems on their own, they played, they didn’t bug me.  And for about 10-15 minutes I got to lay there and enjoy.

IMG_7180 copyI only picked up my phone to snap a few shots, otherwise I just lay there and enjoyed them, and the peace.  And it was amazing.  I know that we know how important it is to just stop and watch, to witness, to enjoy.

So often our every day lives get in the way, and our lists are too long, our activities are too many, and we forget to just take a step back and enjoy the wonders that all around us.  Today, on a warm sunny spring afternoon, I just sat and enjoyed – even if it was for only a few minutes.

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