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Surviving After School Activities

March 5, 2016 0 Comments

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And so it begins. The after school activities. I find that starting these extracurricular are either going to be really good for me, or really bad. And I’m clinging to the thought that it will break up the monotony that is my life. I drop off Haleigh a daycare, drop Hayden off at school, go to work, pick up Hayden, pick up Haleigh, go home, make dinner, play referee to the kids, eat dinner, bath, and bed. Throwing in after school activities, are either going to be awesome, or awful.  I’m leaning more towards the awesome.

Up until now our kids haven’t really done any organized activities (they are still only 3 and 4). Hayden has done one season of Lacrosse which was great – but because he is so much smaller, he needed a parent out with him to help him, and younger siblings weren’t allowed to come and since my husband works most weekends I had to rely far too much on my in-laws to watch his younger sibling. (They are amazing and love to help, but I didn’t want to be ruining their every Saturday).

I don’t know how families, especially single parent families, does after school and weekend activities with multiple children and multiple activities, you are amazing, and I wish I could be as super as you!

So I am sitting here, in the waiting area of a dance studio…yes you heard me – both of my children (a girl and a BOY) are doing a dance class. We were going to keep it separate, we were going to have it only for Haleigh, we had talked to Hayden, he knew he wasn’t going to participate, he understood, he was excited to just wait, and watch her do her thing.

And then when we got there, he saw what she was doing, his face crumpled, he wanted – no he NEEDED to do this with his sister. He didn’t care that he was going to be the only boy, he didn’t care that he was going to be the oldest one by a year. He just wanted to “dance”. His dad and I looked at each other over his sad little body and we shrugged our shoulders and said “why not?” He was so excited, and Haleigh was excited that she got to do something with her big brother (they miss each other so much when he is at school…. or so they say). And he had more fun than we have seen him have in a long time.

So although I don’t have my husband around on some of the after school activities, I know I can do this. If nothing else, I now have two kids, active in something at the same time, that I don’t have to be playing referee to. I am actually sitting in the waiting area, writing this post, drinking a cup of coffee. How can that be bad? And since it is not on the weekend it is not interfering with my potential weekend plans (of staying in our jammies, playing games, making crafts, etc) and it actually gives me a break of about 45 mins. Getting there, and back and having dinner pre planned is more of a struggle, but I’ll take the 45 minutes of quiet and happy, happy children.

As long as I am not going to over schedule us I think I can do this. I think I can. I think I can. I KNOW I can….let the madness begin.