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A Girls Weekend I Will Never Forget

A Girls Weekend I Will Never Forget

Night (1)      My Epic Girls Weekend


My girls weekend is not what you are expecting, but it was WAY better.  There was no drinking, spa treatments, time to myself, girl talk, or anything that you think of when you hear “girls weekend”.  Instead it was me, my daughter and our own time together.  And it was the most epic girl weekends I have ever had.

You see my son and husband got tickets to “Monster Jam” with the other boys from my husband’s side of the family, my nephew, brother in law and father in law.  They took the train the to city, saw Monster Trucks crush and go over other inferior cars.  They saw them flip, crash, and do all sorts of manly things.

IMG_0624 2

Although this is an event that my daughter would have LOVED, she and I got some money to go towards an outing of our choice.  We chose a weekend at a hotel.  My daughter loves them, she loves to swim, she loves sleeping in the same bed as a parent (which we never allow) and she adores running down the long hallway (as a bear of course).

So one weekend after the Fire and Ice festival in our hometown, we gathered our things, and drove about an hour away to enjoy our time together.

She had a bit of a nap on the way, so it was already starting off awesome.  We got to our room, and she was instantly upset that we had double beds, so down we go to see if we can change.  Thank you amazing Hotel Staff for making a girl’s dream come true.  We got a King bed upgrade, at no extra charge.  She of course did the traditional jumping on the bed.  All she wanted to do was go to swimming.


We had the pool and hot tub to ourselves.  She went from the pool, to the hot tub, back and forth for what seemed like forever.  I was quite happy to just take a few pictures, and enjoy her.  All of her.  There was no screaming, no complaining, no whining.  My very strong willed little girl was actually able to just enjoy her time.  No competing with her brother, no racing, or planning on how she could get somewhere first.  She was just happy.  My phone was put away, and I was just happy.  I didn’t need anything to really enjoy her.

We went to the nearest restaurant, and she ate a huge dinner, we came back and enjoyed snuggling in our matching pjs.  We got some supplies from the nearest dollarstore (junk food, candy, nail polish, etc).  We painted our nails, had a bath, snuggled under the blankets, watched a movie, and fell asleep all wrapped up together.

IMG_0287 2IMG_0295 2









I fell asleep at 8 o’clock along with her, and it was amazing.  I had brought my laptop and work to do while we were there, but I didn’t even bring it out.

We woke up, and went down (in our matching jammies) to get the complimentary breakfast.

IMG_0309 2

The weekend wasn’t anything crazy exciting, nothing major happened.  But I know that it will be a weekend that I will never forget.  Me, my girl, and no distractions.  That is all I need.