Why I let my babies

Why we let our kids cry

· Why we let our kids cry it out and how it helped our family for the better ·

February 18, 2016 0 Comments

Letting our kids cry changed our family for the better

Why we let our kids cry it out…don’t judge us

Yes I realize that this is a very sensitive subject to many people.  There has always been a huge debate on whether or not to let your kids cry it out.  After I had preemie babies, and having to see them cry and scream in pain, after procedures, I would do everything in my power to NOT let them scream and cry.  I was determined to not let them cry it out.  I bought the sleep training books without crying, I researched online, I tried everything I could do.  Which ended up me not sleeping, my baby not sleeping, me resenting my husband because I was the only one that could put him down, and basically a whole house of miserableness. 

My son ended up getting very sick in his first year of life, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, and nursing (with a very slow let-down and milk flow) was very hard for him and it would just result in him screaming and pushing away my breast because he was so frustrated.  So without nursing him to sleep we had to resort to bouncing.  No, not rocking, anytime I would sit in the chair to rock he would scream.  So I would bounce, and bounce (think squats, lots and lots of squats).  This was my first child, he fought for his life for so long, I wasn’t going to let him scream.  I was not going to let him scream. I was not going to let him scream.

I would repeat that mantra over and over again when my husband or mum would suggest it.  Then one night, everything changed.  My husband and I were going to go out for the first time since we brought him home.  We went to my parents house in Muskoka, and were going to see a late movie.  I had bounced him, and bounced him to sleep after his last bottle, he was out which usually gave me a few hours anyway.  Well not that night.

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