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The Struggle Is Real

· Getting Children Ready in the Winter ·

January 23, 2017 0 Comments

I just had another one of those crazy winter morning moments, when you can't wait for winter to end, not because of the cold, not because of the dangerous driving, but simply because getting out the door is IMPOSSIBLE with children.


My Least Favourite Thing

The winter time struggle.  I was talking to a mum friend of mine and we were venting and bitching about our kids and the crazy, silly things that they do.  From not being able to find something when they are looking directly at it.  Taking 45 minutes to eat a piece of toast.  Waking us up in the middle of the night, just to say hello.  The amazing imaginary adventures they come up with.  Along the way we decided that the worst part for us, our least favourite thing is trying to get out the door in the winter time.  And let me tell you.  The struggle is real.

The Struggle is Real

How is it possible that it takes 30 minutes for a 4 and 5 year old to get boots and coat on?  For those of you who live in a much milder climate than we do here in Ontario let me explain.  For you, you need to maybe find shoes, and on a bad day find a coat or sweater.  For us though, we need to bundle them up because of -25’C weather.  First we need to bundle them up, t-shirt, sweater, etc.  Then we need to get some snow pants on, and that is a task all in it’s own.  It’s a bloody work out to get a toddler into some snow pants.  Then you need to find some boots, get them on (without the child falling over), get the coat on (which apparently always needs a parents help), do up the zipper, find the scarf, hat and mittens, and getting that damn thumb in the right spot is nearly impossible.  You try to do this all before the child runs away, rolls over, or goes crazy.

They should be able to do it on their own

Now that it when the child needs help, when they can FINALLY do it all on their own, it never seems to actually happen.  Almost anything is more entertaining then actually doing what they are supposed to do.

Me: “Go get your boots on please we gotta go”…

Kid: “Ok Mum……….Oh look a dust speck floating in the air”

Me: “Please get your boots on….”

Kid: “OK Mum I get it….let’s pretend we’re dogs and we will fly into outerspace”

Me: “What did I ask you to do?”

Kid: “uhhhh…. put my boots on”

Me: “Ok so put your boots on… please and quickly we are going to be late” (even though this process started 10 minutes ago)

Kid: Lying on the floor spinning around on their back, ….”Mum look at me”

Me: About to lose my shit once and for all “Please just get your boots on”

Morning routines are a challenge as you know, I have put in place a few tips that can help.  But I have yet to find something to help my kids get their damn stuff on in a reasonable amount of time.  I have tried everything.  Calmly pulling the kids aside and explaining what they need to do, I have tried charts, timers, counting, taking things away, leaving, yelling.  You name it I have tried it.  But still it takes them forever to get ready and out the door.  Oh and then when you get into the car, you need to take it all off because it is unsafe for them to be in their car seats with their coats on.  The struggle is real my friends.


Yes that face might be adorable and cute… but that morning was NOT a fun morning to try to get them out the door. Thank goodness they are cute though.

Is it Summer Yet?

I love winter, I love the activities, being cozy by the fire, playing in the snow, etc.  But I absolutely hate getting them out the door with all their gear on.  Although I love the change of seasons, by January I am ready for winter to be over, and have summer be here.  To be able to just walk out of the house with or without shoes, no coats, no snow pants, no complaints, just go.

Just to be able to say “Get your boots on please…” and it will actually happen, seems to be something that will never be a reality in this house.  Any tips out there please?  Please?  Or am I dreaming?

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