Younique Makeup – Why I Sell it and LOVE it

January 31, 2016 0 Comments

youniqueWhy I sell Younique Makeup 

I have had several friends who decided for one reason or another to sell some sort of products.  Maybe it was bags, cleaning products, scentsy, or jamberry nails.  I never really paid much attention to it, and if I did give it a thought I just thought “oh how annoying, I’m invited to another online party” oh and “ugh, another post about what a great deal I would be getting”. 

And then the unexpected happened – I started thinking I would be selling a product, and bugging MY Facebook friends with yet another product that ‘they must buy’. 

A dear friend of mine (whom I haven’t seen in quite sometime) decided to start posting about this company “Younique” and about how amazing their makeup is.  At first I thought – man ANOTHER friend of mine is wanting me to buy products from them, products I can’t afford to buy.  But then I kinda got interested – the things she was showing was not something that I had seen before, the makeup looked amazing, and the price was right.  I knew that it must be good makeup because she LOVES makeup and would willingly spend a lot of money on high end stuff.

So I messaged her for more info, researched online, and decided to buy the starter kit which included a ton of makeup for a fraction of the cost (100$) and it gave you a free website, discount on makeup and tons of support and no pressure to sell anything. 

If you sold – then great you get some great perks like (y cash which means I can buy products for free – either for myself or for my customers, 1/2 off any of their products and not to mention the 20-25% commission you make on all your sales).  After a brief discussion with my husband (his response was “whatever you want hun – sure sounds great” – I know the support is overwhelming) I told her “sure”.

About a week or so later I got the awesome package in the mail – and I didn’t even open it.  I don’t know my reason, maybe I was scared of failing, maybe I was worried I would look like a fool, but whatever the reason it was a good month before I even opened it up. 

But once I did, I was so happy.  For a change I actually felt confident in something – not something that usually happens.  I was never a big wearer of makeup – in fact I never bought any until I was in my 20s.  And when I did, I never wanted to spend much money on it.  But now – I actually think that a little makeup can go a long way, I feel the tiniest bit better about things, about my reflection. 

I like hearing how my ‘customers’ feel after they are using the products “best mascara ever”, “So happy with the coverage”, “SoIMG_5220 much great pigment in their shadows” and on and on.

I quickly moved up their “ladder” and I am now earning 25% commission on all my sales, which means a little extra pocket change to buy the things I want without feeling guilty about it.  And my favourite thing about it – no pressure to sell anything.  If you sell….awesome, but if not, nothing happens!  There were a few months that I did nothing – it was Christmas time, I knew people were done spending money, and frankly I was too tired to do anything about it, and I lost nothing. 

My number one reason why I chose to sell Younique…was for a challenge, it was something for me.   I knew that I would be questioned because this is so out of my comfort zone, not something that I would be known for, but I knew that it was great makeup, I knew that I would be getting a huge deal.  And now I am one of those annoying people on Facebook telling you how awesome a product is and you MUST buy it.     I know I’m happy I did. 2